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川村 若菜





その後、サンフランシスコにあるUrban Permaculture Instituteに通い、都会を中心としたアーバンパーマカルチャーを学ぶ。

2016年日本に帰国後、食べれる森づくりを日本中で行う「Permaculture Design Lab.」の一味となり、ランドスケープデザイナーとして活動しながら、イラストレーターとしても仕事を始める。現在、千葉県いすみ市にて、日本の古き良き文化が根付いた里山暮らしの日々を探求中。発酵菌や土壌微生物など目に見えないものが大好きで、日々の暮らしで出会った「いのち」のお祝いをカラフルに描いている。



Wakana Kawamura

llustrator & permaculture designer.
Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, in 1984.
After working as a nurse upon graduation from the university, her fascination by American music & art brought her to the west coast of the USA in 2008.
In the USA, she became passionate about plants and began learning landscape design.
While studying botany and design, she encountered Permaculture.
She attended "Urban Permaculture Institute" in San Francisco and studied urban permaculture centered around the city.
After returning to Japan in 2016, she became a part of "Permaculture Design Lab" that focuses on making edible forests in Japan.
While working as a landscape designer, she also started working as an illustrator.
Currently, she explores Satoyama living where good old culture of Japan took root at Isuimi City in Chiba Prefecture. She loves invisible creatures such as fermentation bacteria and soil microorganisms and colorfully draws the celebration of "life" that she encounters in her daily life.